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The Meadors

Justin + Tiphanii + Parker + Knixon

Married for almost 14 years, Justin and Tiphanii, along with their two boys Parker and Knixon, refer to themselves as #hometeam! They love traveling and going to sporting events as a family.

When it comes to taking steps of faith, Justin and Tiphanii are no strangers. Since they were first married, Justin and Tiphanii have served in some capacity of full-time ministry. From student pastor to assistant pastor, full-time evangelist to planting pastor and then as lead pastor. They have lived and practiced ministry in several great cities; Charleston, WV, Cincinnati, OH, Philadelphia, PA, and New York City, NY, just to name a few. While they have been busy serving in multiple locations and multiple positions over the last decade, they knew that God had a specific place and a specific calling for their lives.

In the spring of 2020, during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, God opened a door for the Meadors to move to Columbus, OH. They moved with the initial thought that it would only be for a season. However, they found a place that they love, a place that they call home, and more importantly a place to serve. They often say, “We didn’t choose Columbus, but Columbus chose us.”

Their calling is loud, their hearts are full, their commitment is strong, and their vision is clear.

It’s time to plant, Villages Church!
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